From week to week the main function of an amateur sports club is getting its teams out to play. Clubhouse is a free service that facilitates everything this entails...

  • Gather Availability

    Players can enter their availability for any fixture.

  • Select teams

    Captains collaboratively select teams.

  • Inform players

    Selected players are notified and confirm their selection.

  • Late changes

    Injuries? Let down? Bump players up and bring in reserves.

  • Meet

    Arrange when/where to meet.

  • Travel

    Let everyone know where they are going.

  • Play

    Now the hard part, winning the game!

Hundreds of clubs manage thousands of players each week through Clubhouse Learn more

5 reasons to use Clubhouse

  1. Availability is gathered and collated for you.
  2. Plan ahead. See availability for the future.
    • Ensure the strongest teams are always fielded.
    • Ensure every club member plays as much as possible.
  3. Takes the time and hassle out of letting the club know who's playing.
  4. Be confident your players know they've been selected and will turn up.
  5. When people aren't at the club, Clubhouse is the place to be. Everyone is in the know.

See Clubhouse in action

Case Study:Brooklands Cricket Club

On the ground

Case Study:Brooklands Cricket Club

On the web


  • 26 Jun 12 Stay for a cup of tea if you like

    It’s been round about a week now since we started pushing Clubhouse+, so I thought I’d sum up everything that’s been happening for those who’d like to know. The good news is that the first stage of the push went very well.  We’ve seen lots of activity with people uploading pictures and creating news articles by read more »

  • 14 Jun 12 Clubhouse+

    So, I said I’d be back with something new, and finally here we are! To place that in context, for those who haven’t followed this blog, Clubhouse previously reached a point where it had largely solved the problem of team selection given the approach it took.  This was around late 2009 or so.  It wasn’t read more »

  • 01 Oct 10 Celebrations, reflections and announcements

    Today Clubhouse is exactly 2 and a half years old! I know! Can you believe it…. I’ve never really noticed Clubhouse’s age before mainly because things have been moving at such a pace any milestones had have a cursory thought at best, however as some of you may have noticed I have been conspicous by read more »

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What people are saying...

Clubhouse has revolutionised the way I organise my softball team and massively reduced the time spent checking emails and frantically ringing around players to check their availability to play. Names of all available players for a given game are just a couple of clicks away. I recommend it to any team organiser whatever your sport!

Kelvin Pryer - Barnes Badgers

Clubhouse makes the process of running the club much easier. It allows us to concentrate our limited time in areas that really need it rather than spending countless hours on the phone ringing round players to see who can play.

Dave Madden - Brooklands Cricket Club

At Guildford we moved our men's availability & selection process onto Clubhouse in 2010. The result - a dramatic reduction in the amount of time spent chasing player availability on a weekly basis. In fact, the switch made such a difference that in 2011 we extended Clubhouse to our Ladies' & Junior sections. Clubhouse now manages the availability and selection of over 300 players and 20 teams across the Club!

Phil Nicholls - Guildford Cricket Club

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